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Jungle Eyes Exhibition Pariscape Postcards

Visitez l'exposition de Jungle Eyes - Paris- Scape

Pariscape is a panorama of travelers’eyes.
Migrants hosted in a humanitarian center in Ivry and tourists met during photographic walks, driven by an equal desire for discovery. The relationships thus formed, around the key places of culture or mythical monuments, secure people in exile and gives them the right to curiosity and the pleasure of the meeting.

PariScape is a horizontal experience where refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, visitors and tourists place themselves at the same level of discoveries of cultures and knowledge. The simplicity of the process makes spontaneous and rich encounters.

The discovery of the territory, the places of life or history, the urban walk thus documented create a relational field between visitors and inhabitants, and between inhabitants themselves.

We then touch on the heritage of migration: a heritage made of exchanges and testimonies crossed. The fraternity is expressed around culture and discovery, in laughter and mutual astonishment. We also approach the imaginary of the trip. A new landscape is unfolding, forms of existence that allow the uprooted to repeat, despite the pain of the path of exile, cultural habits in a « different space ».

Thanks to the postcards made during a one – week photographic workshop, the images of Murad, Ruta, Abdu, Zerabruk, Fawad, Khadim Ullah, Mesmin, will travel in their turn, taking the eyes and the link between beings.

This PariScape project was realized in collaboration with Jungleye, Emmaus Solidarity, The Pompidou Center.

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